Local Connections between Community Foundations

Most community foundations benefit from local connections between community foundations.

Proportion of community foundations benefiting from local networks

(By percentage)

Chart illustrating local connections between community foundations

Explanation of chart

The chart shows that a majority of foundations benefited from a local network of community foundations.

Statistical analysis showed that the degree of local benefit was related both to the availability of support to community foundations locally and to the extent to which community foundations benefited from international links. It appears that there is a virtuous circle of cooperation at work in the community foundation field.


Sixty-eight voluntary trustees from community foundations throughout New Zealand - from Timaru to Northland - met in Wellington in March 2010 to learn more about encouraging generosity in their local regions. This was the second National Trustee workshop. Speakers included the Melbourne Community Foundation CEO, Sarah Davies, and Wellington fundraising expert, Kitty Hilton.

In the United States, the Council on Foundations has fostered cooperation in many different ways. For example, there are webinars, meetings and conferences in partnership with a wide variety of organizations (Forum of Regional Associations and individual regional associations, Council affinity groups and colleague organizations as well as other infrastructure organizations).

The Association of Community Foundations in Bulgaria, which is an association of eight community foundations, provided grants in 2009, so that local community foundations could implement fundraising campaigns to raise their own endowments. Seven community foundations took part.

Sampradaan Indian Centre for Philanthropy reported that community foundations benefit from partnership with a national level support organization. Some community foundations have received organizational development grants from the Global Fund for Community Foundations. Then there is an inter-community foundation partnership within the country, and concentrates on issues such as climate change and smokeless stoves.

In Russia, the Community Foundation Partnership is an active alliance of 26 foundations. It is the first association of community foundations in Russia designed to increase the awareness of the model in regions, and help to start up new foundations, as well as offering peer support to existing foundations.

In the United Kingdom, there are very good relations between members including regional support networks and collaboration on specific programs and funds. The Community Foundation Network has a website and email groups so that members can share learning and expertise. There are 'beacon foundations' with specific expertise that they share with other foundations through training and consultancy.

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