International Connections between Community Foundations

Most community foundations benefit from local connections between community foundations.

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Chart illustrating international connections between community foundations

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The growth of interest in community foundations was fuelled by the emerging ideas of 'civil society', following the opening up of East and Central Europe and South Africa, as well as the spread of ideas across borders encouraged by the Internet. The field has taken a self-conscious effort to learn from practice in different parts of the world. There have been fellowship programs, study tours, and exchange visits that have fostered a sense of collaboration across the world.


The Community Foundation of Euroregion Labe is involved in Transatlantic Community Foundation Network peer exchanges. They report: "It is a tremendous opportunity for informal learning, sharing and exchanging experiences and intercultural mutual understanding."

A group of Czech and Slovak community foundations meets regularly every summer for two days workshop to share and exchange experiences.

Border Philanthropy Partnership US-Mexico is a prime example of cooperation across frontiers. Members are individuals and institutions that share a common vision and commitment for a thriving border. Members believe that community philanthropy is a vehicle through which communities can define their own destinies.

A number of international foundations staff and boards have visited the Italian community foundations through the Transatlantic Community Foundation Fellowship, the Transatlantic Community Foundations Network or other initiatives.

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