Availability of Support in Different Regions

Support is patchy across the globe and more available in some regions than others.

Availability of support in different regions of the world

(Scale of support available by region)

Chart illustrating availability of support to community foundations by region

Explanation of chart

We found that the availability of one kind of support suggested that other sorts of support would be available too. We tested for this statistically and found people's answers were strongly inter-correlated. This enabled us to construct a scale of 'availability of support' by adding up scores on four items (peer learning, technical assistance, skills training, and information, research and knowledge). Each was given a score of 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 according to the level of availability so we could create a scale from 0 to 16.

We used this scale to look for variations between regions of the world. We found that support was highly available in North America but much less so in Africa. It was quite available in Europe but less so in Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia.

These findings reflect the fact that community foundations started in North America, were introduced into Europe a quarter of a century ago, and are at the emerging stages in many other countries.

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