The Value of Support to Community Foundations

People most value support from WINGS and the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Value of support from different institutions

(Usefulness of individual institutions)

Chart illustrating the value of support to community foundations from various institutions

Explanation of chart

The table above shows the results. It is clear that WINGS and the Global Fund for Community Foundations stand out as being rated much higher than the rest.

In addition to the pre-coded responses, we asked people to 'tell us more'. It was clear that people selected WINGS and the Global Fund for Community Foundations for 'sensitizing the field to the need for community based approaches to philanthropy', and were generally complimentary about the services offered. Other organizations not included in the formal survey were mentioned in positive ways. The Transatlantic Community Foundation Network was praised for its work by some, as was Synergos. Several local organizations were mentioned too, but these are too numerous to be mentioned here. Reviews for the Council on Foundations and the European Foundation Centre were less favorable.

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