Assets and Grants of Community Foundations

The two big countries of the world for community foundations are the United States and Canada. Michigan, a state in the US, is third and Italy is fourth.

Assets and Grants

(Total current assets and grants made by country)

Chart illustrating assets and grants held by community foundations

Explanation of chart

The table shows the total assets and the value of total grants awarded by community foundations in selected localities in 2009.

The table does not cover the whole world because some respondents were unable to give figures. In some cases, the figures above are based on estimates.

The table shows that the biggest player is the United States. By comparison, everywhere else is much smaller, though Canada is large in comparison with other countries of the world.

It is striking that the third in the table is Michigan, a state of the United States. The value of the assets and the value of the grants awarded is much higher than most of the rest of the world.

Although Germany is seeing enormous growth in the numbers of foundations, asset values are modest, signifying that most community foundations are small.

As would be expected, there is a statistically significant relationship between size of assets and amount of grants.

At the same time, there is an inverse relationship between asset size and the ratio of grants to assets. This means that there is a tendency for countries with small assets to spend a bigger proportion of their income on grants. For example, South Africa has modest assets, yet gives large amounts in grants, suggesting that there is much 'pass through' money. Even more remarkable is Bulgaria with the smallest asset size in the table, but with grant values way above what would have been expected.

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