Paid Staff of Community Foundations

The vast majority of community foundations have paid staff.

Proportion of respondents who said that community foundations in their area had paid staff

Chart illustrating occurrence of paid staff in community foundations around the globe

Explanation of chart

People were asked to say whether community foundations had paid staff in their area. The vast majority of these said 'yes'. Those community foundations without paid staff were concentrated in Europe.

The tendency for community foundations to have paid staff was confirmed by the survey from individual community foundations where none was entirely reliant on volunteers. Organizations tended to have small staffs. Of 19 community organizations replying to the survey, 15 had fewer than ten staff, and the median was three staff.

The main factor driving low staff was the expense. For example, although Russian community foundations typically had a director, grant manager, accountant, development manager, and public relations manager, it was difficult to obtain the necessity of assets for salaries and other administrative costs from local donors.

Such conditions were found in most countries. In Canada, community foundations typically had paid staff only if assets exceeded $1 million.

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