Types of Funds Supported

Most community foundation funds were 'restricted' by the intention of the donors. Unrestricted money was far less common.

Different types of funds

(Percentage of countries with each fund type)

Chart illustrating types of funds held by community foundations globally

Explanation of chart

The chart shows that donor advised funds are most common and unrestricted funds least common. Flow-through funds and designated funds are in the middle. (Note: Please visit the Glossary of terms for definitions of fund types.)

Numbers of different funds are important

Around one-in five foundations (19 per cent) had three or more of the above funds. Having a large number of funds was more common among those community foundations with a large number of donors. This was an alternative measure of size of foundation (compared with size of assets and amount of grants).

The number of different funds was also correlated with self-assessed impact of the funds to a statistically significant extent. It was also correlated with the availability of support to community foundations in the country. This is another testimony to the value of support organizations.

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